Sunday, October 3, 2010

Blog Challenge: Day 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10!

I'm consolidating... :)

Day 6: Five people who mean a lot to you.

This little challenge seems to be a little redundant, no? ;)

1.  My HUSBAND!!!! Duh!

2.  My BFFs... Shandy, Kristine & Liz

3.  Our Parents... They're really good to us!

4.  Our extended family... I'm super close with my aunt, all of our grandparents and we're just so lucky to have them all!!!

5.  The buddies I've met through blogging!!! I mean, I'm going to stay with Jen in November! How lucky am I?!  It is nice to have a new group of people that I have different things in common with than my long-time BFFs.  I love them dearly, but it is always great to be able to be close to new people!!!

Day 7: Four turn offs.

1.  Bad breath... period.the.end. YUCK! I am obsessive over oral hygiene... In fact, I was ASTONISHED to hear recently that there are people that only brush their teeth once a day!!! SICK!!! I'm not a super germaphobe but that is just NAS TAY!

2.  Cockiness or the "always right" syndrome... This goes for men & women alike.  I cannot stand someone who thinks that their ish doesn't stink. I am all about being real and down to earth.  Sure, sometimes I'm a bit too much for people to handle but I certainly am the first to admit when I'm wrong!  However, if I really do think that I'm right?  I will stand my ground! Ha!

3.  Ignorance.  I mean this in the sense of... just plain being ignorant.  Not dumb or intellectually challenged... because that is just fine. I am not great at math either *wink*!  For instance, I was reading a blog last night and the lady was openly talking about how her and her husband were having a really hard time finding a babysitter because neither of them trusted any "non-Caucasian" people to sit for their son. Um, excuse me? Is this 2010? Is that REALLY tolerated in other parts of the country? Because, it is NOT here. IGNORANCE.  There is no excuse... in my book. Ugh.

Day 8: Three turn ons.

1.  Smelling great!!! Not overly perfumed, just a yummy scent of some sort.  I am known for seeking out girls' hair to smell it if it "looks like it smells good..." If that makes any sense at all, ha! 

2.  Clean teeth... and fresh breath!

3.  Being able to make jokes and laugh without it being at the cost of others.  Life is really funny... jokes don't always need to be racist/sexist... etc.

Am I coming off snobby? I sure don't mean to...

Day 9: Two words that describe your life right now.

Chaotic & Exhausting... Just wait until December, I'll have different words for it then when I'm done with school! ;)

Day 10: One confession.

Serious, or goofy? One of each? Ok!

I smell my armpits throughout the day to make sure I'm still fresh...

I'm very self-aware.  I know my good and bad attributes and am constantly reminding myself that I am a work in progress.  Life isn't about the destination of who I want to be but the journey that is making me who I want to be. Right? Right!!!

Thanks for reading all of this!!!


Jen S. said...

I have had so much fun reading your Blog Challenge answers :)

I am totally with you on #9...
Chaotic and Exhausting is EXACTLY how my life is right now too!

Also--bad breath and bad teeth brushing habits totally grosses me out!!

I love learning about my blog I'm really glad you did this ;)

Have a great week!

Chelle said...

I loved it! Loved it! And I think your post about ignorance is right on. One doesn't have to be highly educated but one should be socially aware. Yes, lunch date soon. After our school years slow down to a manageable speed, ok?

The Apple Pie Gal said...

And here I thought you were going to say you sought out a nice smelling Man... But I did laugh!

Who doesn't smell their pits? I am paranoid about that!

Jen said...

Thanks for the should out girlfriend!! Now what's this about November...are you actually coming??!!!!!!