Wednesday, October 13, 2010

MyAgenda Finally Arrived!!!

I have been putting off ordering my very own MyAgenda from the MomAgenda website.  I have always been afraid that I would spend a good chunk of money on a planner and then never use it... But, my phone's calendar setting is just not enough for keeping track of all of my obligations.  I've only had it a little over a week but... so far, I love it!!!

First of all, I ordered it in my favorite color, purple.  It's beautiful! A little flashy, I will admit... but oh well!  I had my name put on it too! The part that sold me on this planner is the week at a glance style with an additional FOUR places to organize obligations or tasks!!! Now, the original MomAgenda suggests using these spots for keeping track of different kids' activities.  For me, I am using the extra four spots in the MyAgenda for school, work, exercise and meal planning.  Whew! I love being able to write everything out!!! If you're in need of a great planner, head over there!!! I certainly linked the website enough... Haha!!!
By the way, this was my first attempt at using Picasa3 to make a collage and then posting it... So, it's a little amateur! Ha! I need to figure out Picasa because it seems much easier than the other route I was taking to upload pictures... Is that what everyone uses???


Jen S. said...

Very nice planner...and I love purple too!

I upload every single picture each time on here and it takes tons of time and patience! I wish there was another way. I've never tried Picasa but we use Picnik to do some fun things.

Have a great day!

{david's wife} said...

Pretty!!!! I've been wanting to get a planner...just to at least attempt some organization! haha My madness normally doesn't have much of a method, but maybe someday with a pretty planner, it will! :) Go for it!