Friday, October 15, 2010

Tid Bits of Fall

My life is crazy right now. Dangit.  So, I literally have maybe five fall decorations up... Man!!! Falltime is my second favorite season!!! Ha, Christmas is number one, for sure.  I just haven't had the time or energy (if we're being honest) to go down under the house and get my bins of fall stuff.  Actually, not only have I not done that but I haven't tidied up the house enough to decorate.  Do you do that too?  Do a good cleaning and de-clutter before you decorate?  I definitely do... So, for now... my few little decorations and Yankee candle will have to do.  I got a new Apple Pie scented Bean Pod candle, I should light that baby up.  Bean Pod candles are my ultimate fave! I swear one little candle puts off so much scent!!!  Anyway, here are my measly fall decorations!!!

Pretty fall colored Dahlias on my extra tiny table!!! I also love these tiny pumpkins, they're a tad glittery! Oh, see that sweet wooden high chair lurking in the corner?  That was my mom's and all of her siblings and then my high chair! Isn't that sweet?  I'm not sure if I'll use it for its intended purpose... but I love it anyway. :)
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My lovely fall wreath... oh, and my favorite wreath hanger from PB! I love it, it says 'The Weedons' on it. :)
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I forgot to mention that I did manage to get Elaina to the pumpkin patch last week... She had a blast talking to the goats, sheep and chickens but when it came time to make the piggie noise she was confused.  Her lion noise kept coming out, ha! The animals were definitely her favorite, she wasn't so interested in the pumpkin part!!! Ha! She wouldn't let me carry her through the rows of pumpkins and kept tripping over the vines but she just kept on truckin'! Ha, she's no sissy girl!!! :)
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Happy Fall Friday! :)


Jen said...

I ALWAYS have to clean before putting up decorations. Sometimes I even rearrange my furniture first too. Haha! Your decorations look nice though!! And now that I have my very own Bean Pod candle (thanks to you) I am HOOKED! I love it!

Chelle said...

I always ALWAYS clean before decorations. And then I won't let anyone else help me - including the rearranging of furniture. And THEN I go through it again when it is time to put them all away. I don't do anything for the fall as it is my least enjoyed season (did I ever mention how much I hate Halloween?). But for Christmas, I go nut-so. I love the flowers on your table. I need to find the Bean Pod candle you speak so highly of!!

The Apple Pie Gal said...

I always have the best of intentions and love fall colors. But two years running and have a put a scarecrow out yet? Nope. I never do Halloween, just Harvest type stuff to carry all the way thru Thanksgiving.

Well, if I did them at all that is. They sure do look pretty in my head tho! :)

Jen S. said...

Hi Chelsi!

I always clean and tidy-up before I decorate too. It just feels so much better that way :)
I love your door hanger, I've never seen one like that--very nice.
I will have to try the candle brand you mentioned. I've never tried those, and am always looking for anything good to make my house smell good!
That's sweet you took Elania to the pumpkin patch. How cute!
Have a great weekend!