Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wednesday Pick-Me-Up

**Thanks for everyone's kind words about me being dizzy.  If it keeps up, I will make an appointment with my pcp!!!***

I thought this is appropriate for the mundane hump day since music definitely serves as my pick-me-up!

Brandon is not nearly as into music as I am... in fact, recently he's gotten "old" on me and started listening to news radio! Holy MAN! What does he think we are? Adults?! Ahem... kidding! :)

Anyway, he is funny about his music choices.  He doesn't like just anything, like me.  But, some of his favorite are Pink, Casting Crowns, Garth Brooks, Rascal Flatts, AC/DC and... Sara Bareilles. Huh? Ha! Luckily, I love all of the above... well, I'm not a LOVER of Garth but I can handle his twang and AC/DC isn't my top choice, but it'll do as well.  We were doing errands with our sweet little man, Nickolai the other day and he asked me who was on the radio.  I promptly went to Target to buy the cd!!! So, anyway... Sara's new cd Kaleidoscope is chillin' in my car's cd player and I will probably play it continuously... for a while. :) 

So, if you haven't heard it... here it is! And if you  have, enjoy the video.  She really is beautiful! I appreciate her not being too overdone and I like her natural beauty! :)

Elaina & I were groovin' while we were running errands today!!! :o)


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I kinda like her too. :) So glad to hear everything is sorted out with your thyroid. I was reading your last post and starting to get worried, but yay for things working out! Will miss you tomorrow night, but hey...have fun at class! lol

Jen S. said...

I like her too :)
Have a great weekened!