Thursday, October 7, 2010

Huge Spider & Beetlish Cricket?

This was about a month ago... But, I still thought it was blog worthy. 

I always expect a few not-so-hot things to happen around fall time, but I usually let them slide because I love the crispness in the air and the gorgeous scenery.  Not to mention my CROCK POT!!! :)

I already posted this picture a while ago, but in case you missed it here's the same one again!  Actually, in all honesty... I forgot I posted a picture of this already until after I wrote this post and I just didn't want to delete the spider part.  Sorry! Ha!

So, while folding the dreaded "sock collection" that usually sits around for about 6 weeks while we dig through it every day for socks (no joke!), I found this nasty little huge spider!!! I mean, I know this is a cell phone pic with poor lighting/quality... but check out the size of that mother in relation to my sock!!!
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Holy Geeeeeze! I was home by myself so I eventually (ten minutes later) had worked up the nerve to go whack it with a hanger.  Yes, you read that correctly.  I mean, what was I thinking? Why didn't I get a broom? Or... anything other than a hanger?  Hangers do not exactly produce precise results, FYI.  But, I killed it (sad, really) and then flushed him. Sorry Spidey, I just couldn't do it. Ewwww. 

That same week, only a couple of days later... I went to put Elaina down for her morning nap and a giant *idunnowhattocallit* was chilling on her crib bumper!!!!  Can you see him?
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I seriously thought it was fake at first!  I put her down and stepped toward it carefully... then I realized it was GINORMOUS and freaked out a little (on the inside..)
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and got the bright idea to attempt to get it into a giant cup.
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Great idea! I certainly wasn't going to put the child in the crib with a freaky critter and I was sure has HELL not going to get closer than arms length to that thing either! SICK!  I still don't know what it was... but I let it sit in the cup until her parents came home... I figure they probably let him free.

So, the last story of ewwy gooey fall critters is about a nasty little slug man.  We are VERY used to seeing slugs around these parts. Sick!!! But, they just are a fact of life around here.  With dogs that are roaming around the yard to potty and whatnot, I am always mindful of their feet and tennis balls (yes, sick!) when they come inside.  So, the other night I was sitting in bed using the laptop and Jack came up and wanted some love.  I had just let him inside from going potty and I noticed what I thought was an eye boogie.  Well, you guessed it... when I went to wipe it... and it was slimy... I freaked out and flung it on the floor... A couple of seconds later when I looked closer I realized it was a teeny tiny baby slug.  Sorry baby slug, I just had to flush ya. EWWW!!!

I hope I'm done with my fall critter encounters... I don't mind a spider in the house here or there... as long as they're on the ceiling or whatever.  I don't want them in my sock pile!!! Haha!!!

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Jenny DB said...

OK spiders don't bother me. I usually save them and put them outside. I like them cuz they eat other gross bugs, like mosquitoes. But that second critter, WTF is that????