Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Meeting Ms. Cakeball Herself!!!!

Well, I'm a little obsessive over Cakeballs.  Have you had them? WHAAAT? You haven't? Holy man... you DO NOT KNOW what you're missing!!!! Where have you BEEN?

Hey, I warned you I was obsessive.  If you haven't had Cakeballs, you certainly haven't me me IRL. In fact, Midwest girls? I should totally make Cakeballs when I'm at Jen's! Addie will help, right!?

I first found out about Cakeballs from my sister-in-law who found them off of Pioneer Woman's blog.  In fact, I helped her make her first batch.  They're pretty fool proof, really.  She did a post on her blog about them and then it was all history.  Now, I make them for most family birthdays and any other special occasion.  I just followed the tutorial from PW for the longest time until I realized that the real pioneer (ha!) of the cakeball was in fact Bakerella!  Heck, she has TONS of delicious recipes on there! I made my other SIL this Chocolate Peanut Butter cake for her birthday this year... WOW!!! Delicious!

So, when my BFF Shandy asked if I wanted to go with her to Bakerella's Cake Pop book signing, I didn't hesitate! Better yet, it was on Shandy's 25th birthday! See, she even got #25 in line! Sweeet!

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We had to drive to a Snotty Potty town a little east of Seattle to meet her, but no big deal. Once at the big gorgeous mall, we all huddled into William Sonoma (holy snotty store, btw!) and listened as Bakerella answered various questions about the perfect size for cake balls/pops, etc...

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Then we were pushed back out into the mall and let in to meet her by groups of 10.  At this point, Nickolai was OVER meeting Bakerella! Ha! I had been wearing him in his Bjorn most of the time and we both were sweatin'! His stroller was used mostly for storage of our Starbucks, purses, cupcakes, Harry & David goodies and Lululemon loot! But, at one point he was happy and smilin' in his stroller! .

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We were pretty close to the beginning of the line so we really didn't wait long.  Then, the snooty William Sonoma lady sneered at us to come inside the store to meet her... and then when I asked if we could have a picture apiece she snarled at me again! Good LORD! You can bet I bought my damned Cakepop Cookbook and that was IT! No $20 muffin mixes or $200 crock pots for me! Sorrrrrry lady! Haha!!!

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I have to say, while the WS staff ticked us off a tad, Bakerella was really so sweet... so was her photographer that she had with her. 

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So, there you have it! I've now met both PW and Bakerella and they were both so gracious and sweet! Both of them spent a good amount of time answering questions about their recipes and techniques and other random stuff too!!!

Now, don't forget to remind me to tell you the story about the day that BFF Liz and I met Lady Gaga... Oh.Lord.  Thankfully, it was pre-meat suit days. Geeze, she's weird!


The Apple Pie Gal said...

Never even heard of Cakeballs! But if it's food, I'll eat it.


Courtney said...

So, I don't make the cake balls, but I do make the cupcake bites and the kiddos (and adults too) love 'em! My friend made me the owl pops for my shower (super cute). My friend (its actually Alisha's Mom) and I wanted to go to this signing too, but she had to work - dang!! So glad you got to go! FUN!!

Jen said...

Deal! You make Cakeballs, I will make pumpkin pie french toast like you requested. You must have one hell of an autograph book girlfriend!

Candice said...

I've never had cakeballs, but now I want some!

Jan said...

I will be at Jen's when you make the cakeballs. Yum!!! I'll drag Diana with too!

Seizing My Day said...

I did not go b/c I already had my book and snoity toity WS staff turned me off when I called to ask... sorry Bakerella... next time you should do your book signings at Borders or Barnes and Noble... ha ha!! ;) I love them... we made them for my little girls birthday... and for about a half a dozen other misc. fun days... =) ok... but somehow my Cakepop book has gone missing in my house... hm... wonder if someone broke in and stole it?? ha !??!