Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Long Weekend Review -- Under the Weather

I'm pretty sure I jinxed myself.  I have been thinking recently about how I am so lucky to not get sick very often.  Other than the strep-throat that I consistently get once or twice a year... I'm pretty healthy.  I also get seasonal allergies that are a real pain, but such is life. But Sunday morning I woke up with a bad case of the dizzies... and I can't shake it.  Hmmm...

I had a long weekend. This turned into a long post.

It started out early on Friday with an appointment at my Endocrinologist's office.  I had a full blood panel and thyroid ultrasound in July and my blood work came back fine, my primary care physician found a "nodule" on my thyroid.  Well, I suppose the radiologist is the one that really found it. Anywho, she kind of scared me (us) a tad by discussing that while the "nodule" AKA lump could be nothing, it could also be thyroid cancer.  Thankfully, I'm not too much of a hypochondriac but it freaked Brandon out, that's for sure.  I was referred to a specialist, Mr. Endo, but he didn't want to see me for three months or so.  Apparently it was so he could measure whether the lump had grown or not.  Thankfully, I had forgotten about my appointment because I had kind of been fretting about it for a while, but eventually I put it on the back burner.  I got a reminder call on Thursday and realized that D day was finally here.  The whole time I didn't really think anything would come of it, I just was nervous over what they would do at the appointment.  I'm not a huge fan of needles and having a needle stuck in my neck for a biopsy didn't seem like a grand ol' time... ;)  Anyway, Dr. Endo is hilarious.  He is a younger guy and certainly quirky, as I believe most docs are... but he put me to rest with his jokes here and there.  He showed me his normal acting thyroid on his ultrasound machine and then I got to see mine in comparison.  That was kind of cool.... except mine is dead and black while his is nicely alive and white! Ha! Oh well, my meds take care of that. :)  Thankfully, the lump has not grown at all and is apparently small enough for him to not be concerned.  So, no biopsy.  However, he did let me know that the biopsy is no big deal and would just leave a hicky looking thing on my neck.  He said I was free to tell anyone that I got it at the Dr. but I was not free to say that Dr. Shannon gave it to him... he warned me that I would have a 5'2'' Asian lady after me (his wife) and "she's no scrapper..." he said! Haha!!!  He also mentioned to me that if we ever decide to become pregnant, or are blessed with a pregnancy, that him and I will be really close.  I then joked that we would be BFFs and he said "yeah... but without the necklace, ok?!"  Ha! Then he proceeded to explain that while I would have to see him every 6 weeks for blood draws, he will not be looking at my "bajinga" or anything. Hahahaha! I about died when he said that... Bajinga has now replaced "hoo haw" in my vocabulary for body parts!!! :o)  So, he wants to see me in 6 months to measure the lump again... I'm sure it'll be fine! :)

I then worked a 13 hour shift at the family biz on Friday. Sheesh! We were BUSY!

Saturday was a busy day too... I have been putting together a "cousin reunion" on my step-dads side of the family as we haven't seen each other in over a year.  It's just kind of one of those things where the family isn't that close and if you don't do something to organize a meeting... it just doesn't happen.  So, a few hours of visiting and some snacky foods and we're set for another year! ha!  Then, we have been having Texas Hold 'Em tournaments at the family biz on Saturdays so it was a bit of a busy night that night too... But, we were home and tucked into bed by 11pm that night... a rarity for us, especially on a weekend night!

Although I got plenty of sleep, I woke up Sunday exhausted!!! We were supposed to go to dinner at B's parent's that night and I had plans to make pumpkin treats with a friend during the afternoon... Well, for some reason I have been super dizzy.  I thought when I got up for the second time (at 11am, mind you) that I just needed to eat something because I was so dizzy I almost fell off the toilet! HA!  But even after I ate a sensible breakfast (one fried egg on whole wheat toast and greek yogurt) I still felt icky.  But, Brandon had plans to practice golf while I was with my friend, so we got ready and headed out.  Needless to say, I spent two hours on BFF Shandy's chair while she watched Confessions of  a Shopaholic and I nodded off here and there!!!  Brandon came back early as it was raining sideways...! He isn't hardly bothered by the rain so he must have been kind of tired...

Sidenote:  He's started practicing seriously for some golf tournaments! Golf is his true passion... I only want him to be happy! So, he's (we've) decided for him to take it seriously and try to make a name for himself!!! He has been playing awesome lately, but he only plays about once a month and NEVER practices.  But, when he can be only 3-4 over par when not playing very often... he can be a scratch golfer, easy!!! He has so much talent and love for the game... I hope he follows his dream! :)

Anyway, so we proceeded to his parents house which was fine because they don't care if I wear my sweats and they have a cozy fire going in this type of weather! *wink* Plus, Nickolai was going to be there.  I haven't had him for a couple of weeks because they haven't needed a sitter and Auntie misses him!!! :)  My MIL put on a feast, per usual... we had peanut soup, beef wellington, pear/gorgonzola/candied pecan/craisen/rasp vinaigrette salad, and a yummy green bean dish. Whew! I know that took her forever to make... I mean, who  makes Beef Wellington from scratch!? She even takes the time to cut out sweet little fall leaves to put on top of the dough... Oh my.  Oh! I forgot, she made her famous creme brule (sp?)  too... It's amazing. Better than any fine dining restaurant, I promise. I promise that I did the dishes.  I did! I  made her go hold her little grand baby, oh right, like I had to force her! haha!

So, I had today off... and really don't have a TON of homework to do so I wrote a list on my mirror of things I needed to accomplish:
Figure out airport transportation (aka ask my BFFs if they'll take me)
Make a hair appointment for next week
Get a pedicure? Wow!
CLEAN!!! Oh, geeze, the house is a wreck.
Take care of a title/registration for a quad Brandon bought a month ago... Shoot! Fines!
Laundry (have I mentioned that my uber-expensive washer broke two weeks ago!?)
Make a meal plan

Well, I slept in late, again. Shoot! And caught up on my DVR... because honestly? I'm still super dizzy.  I have ZERO other symptoms.  I am not nauseated, no cough, no fever, just dizzy with a slight headache. Sigh. Wasted day off... At least I managed to make dinner and do the dishes... Oh yeah, and I put away the laundry that has been sitting on the love seat for weeks....

So, after WebMD'ing dizziness... I see that common causes are a drop in blood pressure & low blood sugar... I don't think I have either. What gives?!

If you made it through this very long post, I thank you... haha! Have you ever had random dizzy spells? What could it be? If it lasts much longer, I'm going to call my doc.

**I'm not pregnant.**  Not sure if dizziness is even a symptom, but I'm NOT! LOL!


The Apple Pie Gal said...

Your Dr sounds like a funny guy! Makes things so much more bearable when a good sense of humor is involved. Glad to see you are taking it in good stride!

You have to register 4wheelers there? Boy we would be in big trouble!

Hope you are feeling better soon! The BP...have you had that checked? Is it low? But if you are getting sick, could be your inner ears making you dizzy too.

Take care Chels and don't mess w/ the cold and dizzies. If it gets worse, go see a general Dr. You gotta be in tip top shape when you get here!

Jen S. said...

Hi Chelsi!
I was happy to read about your nodule turning out ok and that you went in and had it checked. That's good. But I was sad to read that you are dizzy. A few years ago I had a time when I woould be sleeping and my dizzyness would wake me up. I would get super dizzy...the room would tilt. It was very scary.But would only last a few seconds. I went to a specialist and after a thorough exam and tests, he said it was BPPV. Something to do with inside my inner ear being off balance. It can just "happen" one day without really knowing why. But the good news is that a few days later it went away! It was quite scary at the time, so I was glad it went away. Just thought I'd share my story.
I hope yours goes away soon too.

Jen said...

Glad everything turned out well at the doc! Your guy sounds hilarious. I like humor when it comes to medicine...it takes the edge off :-) And listen, I know you said you are not pregnant, but dizziness was my first clue both times. Are you suuuuuuure???????