Friday, October 8, 2010

Recipe Review: PW's Three Cheese Stuffed Shells

I haven't had a chance to try as many Pioneer Woman recipes that I want to... But, I'm trying to work a few in here and there.  When I stopped by her cooking blog earlier this week I decided I should give this one a try.  So, I'll give you all the link here and let you know my/our thoughts!!!

Prep/Cooking Time:
In my opinion, the most important part of this is letting the sauce cook for as long as you have time for.  I only let it cook for about 45 minutes and it was delicious, but if I had the time I would have given it another 45 minutes.  I just love the taste of long & slowly simmered home made sauces!!! :) I also would have preferred to use more sauce.  Adding a cup of water while it's simmering would help stretch it a bit. Also, I realized that I only bought regular shells, not jumbo.  So... Um... I stuffed a lot more shells! Ha! That's the only difference that I can see though...

I took a few pics, but really? Who am I to out do P-Dub's recipes? I mean, she takes a picture of each step for the love! It's that easy for us to follow!!! :)  So if you want to see pictures of this yummy recipe... go HERE!!! :)  I served ours with fresh green beans with some granulated garlic and butter spray! I thought it was great... Brandon put it above spaghetti (he really doesn't prefer sketti) and below lasagna (he loves zanyah) so... those are our ratings!!!

Oh, I also made a dish for our friends that just had a baby girl today.  I plan on giving it to them tomorrow.  I went ahead and baked it and they can just warm it up in the oven... Easy!!!

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