Friday, January 29, 2010

Extraordinary Measures

Last night is my one and only evening off during the week. Brandon usually works until at least 10pm on Thursdays but the bar actually wasn't too busy so he was done early. After some Marshall's and Ross scouring for leftover baby stuff that my SIL needs I used my fancy new phone with it's Fandango App to check show times for Avatar. I figured we could have a little date night! Well, long story short, I messed up the movie times AGAIN and we wasted two hours waiting around for the movie that "started" at 9:50. Well, the 3D one started at 8:00 and I wasn't about to see Avatar in the regular theater! Duh. I can't read show times, apparently. This happened to us when we were trying to see The Hangover too! So, I was determined to see something and we decided on Extraordinary Measures.

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Now, Brandon wasn't super thrilled over this choice but the other option was Sherlock Holmes and I wasn't too into that either. So, of course, I won. Ha! They actually had to turn the movie on for us as there was no one in there and we got the whole theater to ourselves! Whoo hoo! No worries, we didn't behave like teenagers would have.

Anyway, the movie proved to be a bit slow. It was definitely "good" in my book but I can see how people may think it's slow. I really think that Keri Russell should have had a more dominant role in the movie as she's a better actress than Brendan Fraser is an actor. I just don't really think he's that great. But, you couldn't help but love him in this move. Also, Harrison Ford was good, as usual. So, this is not my favorite movie ever, but it definitely is worth renting. The plot is a little dry and drawn out but I think that it's good they didn't make it a fluffy "happy go lucky" type of movie and stuck with the seriousness. I did cry several times, but I'm a crier! I want to read up on the actual story that it was based off of.

My favorite part of the movie? Well, besides the important stuff... The HOUSES! Oh my, they were fabulous. I can't find any pictures of them online but... in the words of Rachel Zoe "I die. I die. Oh.My.God. I die." It helped that they family lived in Portland so the homes had just the PNW charm that I adore.

Everyone have a lovely weekend!


tara said...

Hi Chelsi! Thanks for following along! Did you find anything good at Marshalls or Ross? I love shopping there for baby items and especially gifts! :)
Too funny that you guys had the theatre all yourselves!

Candice said...

I'm not a huge fan of Brendan Frasier. I think he's a tool.

Glad the movie was okay. I went to see Sherlock Holmes. I need to remember to blog about that one.....

Becky said...

I was wondering if this movie was any's been a long time since I've seen Harrison Ford in anything. You HAVE to go see Avatar 3D!

Jen S. said...

Thanks for the movie review :) I appreciate it. That's so cool you had the movie theater all to yourselves :) How fun!