Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Forecast: Lots of Showers...

Usually these first few months of the year are rather uneventful. We find ourselves completely over winter weather and it seems like such a long stretch until April and May when we start to get some better weather around these parts. Well, I say we very loosely as I live in the PNW for a reason. I love the rain. But, I've found over the years that I am a minority in these parts.

Anyway, this really wasn't meant to be a post about weather. What I was attempting to get at is that I have PLENTY to look forward to in the first few months of 2010. I have four showers within the first two months! Two baby showers and two bridal showers, to be exact.

Cakes, invites and games... Oh My!

First up is a shower I am co-hosting with my sister-in-law's sister-in-law. Um, is there a better way to say that? Anyway, I am in charge of invites (check!) and decorations (semi-check!) We decided against a "themey" shower and are going with colors instead. Brown, green & blue will be the main colors and I chose those based off of the paper that I found to use for the invites. I fell in love with a patterned paper and went from there.

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Please note that I am not a professional photographer nor am I a professional invitation making scrapbooking queen. However, I am pretty impressed with myself. You can't see the detail but the animal stamp is embossed with a light glitter as is the word stamp at the bottom. The inside left of the invite displays a picture of the parents-to-be and on the right side of the invite is the shower information printed on coordinating cardstock. I had to make thirty or so of these and while it was a pain at first it really was not too bad and I plan to make more invitations in the future. I should add that I elected to do these! I could have bought premade invitations but I wanted to try this!

The second shower is for my cousin who is due in February! She doesn't know what she's having which I think is kind of exciting. I like the element of surprise in not knowing what sex the baby is. However, it does make it a tad more difficult to buy things. There are plenty of neccesity type of items that are probably better shower gifts than cute outfits anyway! Just writing about this makes me excited to know what she's having! I would like to think that I'd be able to not find the sex out... but who am I kidding? I am a tad nosey! I kind of feel like she is having a boy. Our dad's are the only two brothers of the family and both of them had girls (her and I.) So, it'd be fitting if we both had boys.

I have purchased my gifts for both of these showers but I'm looking for a couple more "little somethings." What is your favorite gift to give at a baby shower? I love giving personalized things so maybe I'll go that route. However, my SIL has just confirmed my to-be nephew's name and I feel like it may be a bit premature to buy something personalized within a week of the name confirmation. Does that make sense? I just think I need a good month of name confirmation to solidify buying personalized things... This may or may not stem from having "ADD decision making syndrome." None the less, tell me what your favorite gifts to give the new mama-to-be are! It would be a bonus to tell me what your favorite gifts were that you received AS the mama-to-be! Thanks in advance!!!

The third and fourth showers are for my LA BFF and I'm currently making the invitations for one of them. I will continue this post when I'm through with the invites so you all can see! I hope they turn out!

To be continued...

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