Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Update of Sorts

This weekend was a little bit more exciting than normal! Whoo hoo!

Saturday I went to Seattle for a baby shower for my cousin. I've previously mentioned this but they don't know what they're expecting and I love the element of suprise! She's registered for mainly gender neutral basic things and is waiting until he/she is born to buy the bedding. She figures since the baby will be in their room for the first couple of months it was worth waiting to buy bedding. The shower was small but it was a good thing because it was in my Aunt & Uncle's small condo in West Seattle! I am SO not used to city life! I think I'd go crazy! I had a tinge of road rage just driving up there!!! :) It was really great to catch up with some family that I've lost touch with over the years. I plan on trying to regain a relationship there as these people are my biological dad's family, who died when I was nine.

Saturday night we worked, per usual. It was so slow at the bar though until about 10:30 (it figures!) and as soon as the kitchen was shut down there were about ten orders for food! Brandon will never turn a customer away, so he dirtied up the kitchen and we fed the weirdos! :) I swear it was a full moon... I never did check on that.

Sunday we had made plans with Brandon's parents to see Avatar. The showing was at 12:40 and we barely made it! I swear, the bartender life is for the birds! Ha! Anyway, I was sure that Brandon and his parents would love the flick as they all enjoy SciFi type of stuff. I, however, was just along for moral support. I had heard good things but wasn't going in with great expectations! I will admit that I fell asleep about 1/2hr before the end of the movie! I KNOW! What the HECK!? I was tired. And, the movie was LONG! But, it was good. I wouldn't say it was "amazing" though. Brandon thought it was fine and so did his dad. His mom wanted to go to Disneyland afterwards... I'm not sure what that was about. I think the Fantasy Land thing got her mind a goin'! HAHA! Anyway, after the movie we all went to the gym and I did a mix of what I've been learning on the Shred and had Brandon's mom along for the ride. I am still sore today (three days later!) from everything that we did! Yowza! Brandon's mom is a good sport though, she will never give up on me! We had dinner with them that night too... steaks, crab legs, butter clams & asparagus! Yum!

Monday brings the start of the school week for me. We had a very interesting conversation in my Ethics class on Monday night. I thought about trying to make a post about it - maybe I still will. The class is all about analyzing case studies of ethical issues that have occured in the business world. We even watched a documentary on Enron and I learned a lot about that debacle! I knew the surface stuff about the corruption but not EVERYTHING! GAH! It made me irate! I'm really enjoying this class though. It is really interesting to see everyone's different perspectives! Usually ethics classes get me hot headed as they are more about personal moral issues. This one is a bit different, which is good.

Yesterday and today I have E all day and we have done plenty of napping and playing! She is getting so big! It's fun to watch her growth since I started watching her in September. Her newist tricks are pointing (which cracks me up!) and doing the scrunched face and breathing really hard through her nose! So cute! She's getting a little bit of separation anxiety when her Mama leaves but her face lights up when I come over, so I know she loves me too! :) She'll be ten months this month which is crazy! We're trying to transition her bottles to sippy cups... that leaves much to be desired! So far, she's not having it. We'll keep trying though!

Tomorrow I am getting my hair *did*! I know that sounds like Larry the Cable Guy! Ha! I just always say that for some reason. Then, I'm going out with 10 or so ladies to a Thai restaurant in town for dinner and then to a wine bar for drinks! After that some of us will head to a bar in town that has music all night so we can boogie! Whoop! I'm sooo excited! I rarely ever get out! My stinkin' birthday falls on Super Bowl Sunday (lame!) so we're celebrating a bit early. I can't wait to hang out with my ladies!!!

Hopefully I'll come up with some interesting posts soon!!! Have a great week everyone, Happy Hump Day!

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