Sunday, February 21, 2010

Spring Fever...

I can understand why some people around the country hate February. It's about the time that everyone is sick of their snow/frigid weather and has the itch for Spring. Around here, we can have some beautiful weather in February... It is my favorite time of the year not only because of my birthday, but because when we have these cold, crisp days with clear skies our mountains are SO beautiful! It was so refreshing to spend the day yesterday cleaning up the garage a bit, mowing the yard and just enjoying the fresh Washington air. I tried to catch a few pictures of the dogs yesterday, they were having a good time making laps around the house, haha!

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For some reason, this old girl is afraid of the camera! I literally tried to trap her on the porch because I knew that she couldn't jump down from the high point that you see her trying to do in this picture! I quickly ran over there to stop her because I didn't want her to break a hip!!! She's SO weird!!!

Of course, this guy is a ham. But, he is afraid of me folding laundry... Good Lord!
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Today, we are headed to a beach town to look at beach homes in this cute town! My mom is showing us at least four! This is a family endeavor, not solely Brandon's and mine! :) I can't help but think of the great fun that could be had at a family beach house! Yipee! I see us doing a lot of this:
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Or perhaps some lovely CLAM DIGGING! So much fun!
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But mostly, I just look forward to relaxing and having a place to get away!!! We'll see if we find anything today! :)


Emily said...

ahh the beach! im soo jealous.. take me with you next time;)

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

Your pup is just gorgeous, and clam digging is so fun!!! ENJOY :)