Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thoughts for Thursday

It's 11:55pm my time right NOW so I figure literally no one will read this Wednesday! ;o)

Today (Thurs), I am watching the lovely toddler Miss E, like usual.  I have been lucky enough to take her to toddler gym at our local city center on Thursdays! I love it!!! She has so much fun and crashes for her nap afterward! HA!  I usually love Thursdays because I just have her.  Nickolai's mommy stays home with him on Thursdays so Elaina and I get to hang out and do whatever!!! Well, today I get to take one of her little best buddies too! So, I will have two 'almost two' year olds on my hands today. It's going to be GREAT! :o)

We've had a lot on our minds lately... We may very well be moving in the next couple of months.  We bought our house a few years ago and while we love it and can see ourselves spending a good five more years here, the location is not ideal.  At the time that we bought it, it is what we could afford... where we could afford it! And, honestly, it's in a great neighborhood it is just about 30 minutes from everything we do! Work, friends, church, etc.  I work 6 days a week and Brandon works anywhere from 5-7 days a week. Couple that with trying to make it to church on Sundays and that makes us commuters literally every day!  We try to carpool and are successful at that at least three times a week but  it just doesn't always work out.

Before I was done with school I got a bug up my butt and started looking to see what we may be able to afford in town now that the market is in a worse state for sellers.  However, I wasn't willing to take on that task in the middle of finals and the holidays... DUH!  So, a couple of weeks ago we started discussing it again.

Lucky for us, my mom is our Realtor.  I have the luxury of calling her at any time and she pretty much will come and show us stuff at any time! I also have spent many afternoons scouring the roads of the neighborhoods we would want to live with the kids I watch in tow. I mean, I entertain them by singing silly kids songs so what's the difference!? ;o)

Well, we found something.  Enter rapid heartbeat.  See, we aren't willing to sell our current home.  We just plain aren't going to.  First off, because we'd love to own a handful of homes by the time we're 40ish and also because we wouldn't make enough profit to use as a down payment.  We also aren't willing to rent a home in town because we have three animals and with all of the deposits and what not, it just doens't seem worth it when we qualify to buy another home.

Enter fears... First comes the task of renting our own home. Gosh, I hate that.  I hate that someone else will be living in my home! Isn't that weird? That's the point, Chelsi DUHHHH!!!! I just know what risk comes with being a landlord and while it's an amazing opportunity for us, I'm scared.  Let alone the actual task.  Any offer we make will be contigent upon us renting our home.

Second, we're not millionaires. Duh! So, it is definitely a risk for us to take on a second mortgage! And not to mention, we can't afford our dream home right now so we will definitely be moving again in the near future (3-5 years.) I always forget... that's part of the plan. But moving sucks!!!

Third, I'm kind of a house snob. There. I said it. It's out. I feel better.  I'm not a snob in that I have to have the nicest of everything RIGHT NOW. But, it would be nice... right? HA! Our home right now is a starter home but it boasts some features that I never thought I'd be able to have in our first (or second?) home! So, this other home that we Brandon loves? Well, it's about ten steps backward from our current house.  So... let me get this straight.  We want to move out of our nicer, more open feeling, more modern house and let some strangers trash live in it so that we can live in something not as nice?

Enter perspective... I need to change my attitude! I know this. I need to be thankful for all we have... and I am. However, both of us... BOTH of us have worked very hard for what we have. So, I definitely feel like I have a right to be picky! You know? And this is my blog anyway... so I can say whatever the heck I want. Just don't judge me too much okay?  I'm feeling a lot of pressure from outsiders in my life that are glaring at me saying "stop complaining about the powder pink laminate in the spare bathroom and be thankful!!!!" But the powder pink countertop is terrible! It really is!!!! HAHA!!!

There are things I love about this house... but I'm going to leave that for another day. I'd hate to brighten up this post with good things!!! Haha, I kid.  But really, I'm just trying to let off steam here because I'm nervous and aprehensive... It's a big deal!!!! 

I should note, we haven't even submitted a formal offer.  So, we're really NOWHERE near getting this home. Lord knows how real estate works!!!! But just the idea that we're pre-approved and looking is a little nerve wracking in itself.

Because of my nerves and anxiousness... I made a really diet friendly treat tonight:

Ok, I lied. They're not diet friendly. Geeze... They're from bake350, btw! They're pretty good but I burned them (per usual!!!) I gave Brandon the inside piece that wasn't burned at all.  I prefer burnt things at this point in my life. LOL!

Alright... well thanks for letting me vent! I hope that Thursday treats everyone well!!!


Jen S. said...

Hi Chelsi!
Wow...sounds like a lot of "house" stuff going on. I know the process can be so difficult. I'm so glad your Mom is a Realtor...that's awesome!! I hope it all works out wonderfully for you :)
PS--that picture of the yummy treat you made is making me hungry. I am trying to be good lately but let me tell you it's not going good! Ha! I feel like baking something sweet right now ;)
Have a great day!

Shandy said...

I may or may not had a dad that can fix a pink laminate problem for you. :) what is that little cake thingy you made?
P.s. I'm judging you. Hahaha :)

Jen said...

Go with your gut instincts sweetie and don't worry about what others might think. This is your life, your money and your investment. If you and Brandon think its a good idea...then go with it!! I know living super close to family and friends has a lot of GREAT benefits :) Hope you are having a nice weekend!

{david's wife} said...

Wow, that sounds exciting, but definitely stressful. I'm sure you'll make a good decision about it. But yes, I agree you with that renting is scary (we rented from my inlaws, and the house was a mess when we got there - not to scare you!), and moving is nasty. Yeah, I got no advice, but I hope it goes well whatever you guys pick!