Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Hey, it's TUESDAY!

Well, Monday came and went and I never posted my menu plans. I have a good reason...

I haven't made one!


Oh well.  I'm going to make one RIGHT NOW!

Monday:  Pot Roast!  Brandons favorite... well tied for favorite with meatloaf!  I plan to post how I make my roast, it's delicious!
Tuesday:  Bow Tie Fiesta Pasta from this blogger.  I will post how that is too! You can find the recipe by searching her site for it.
Wednesday: Turkey Meatloaf, potatoes and a vegetable.
Sunday:  Taco feast with family! The Seahawks are playing the Bears and it's going to be a great game!!!

Ok, well I know that was kinda half-arsed but it's just that kind of week, ok?  Thankfully I haven't needed anything for these meals and shopped for a TON of fresh veggies & fruits last Thursday so I am set to go for the week! YES!

I'll be back later this week with something more exciting. :)


Candice said...

We usually plan our meals out by the week as well. We've been doubling many of the recipes and freezing what's left for those days we are too lazy to cook. It's been working out great!

Your menu looks pretty good!

Jen said...

You totally need to do brussel sprouts with your meatloaf. I have a fabulous recipe if you like them. Let me know :-)

Jen S. said...

I love how you do your meal planning. I'm horrible at it, and I keep saying I just HAVE to learn to do better at it. Your meals sound yummy!
Tonight I didn't cook, Jeven had her first game of the season to cheer at, so when it was over we hit a Casino Buffet to celebrate! It sure was good! But back to cooking for me tomorrow. I wonder what I'll make??!! :)
Have a great day!

The Apple Pie Gal said...

Menu planning has never been my strong suit. Usually by about 2pm I am thinkging "Gee, I should take something out of the freezer".

Smart, huh?

Good for you for planning ahead!!