Sunday, January 2, 2011

Just in Time for 2011

New Year's Eve Eve I got a text message at 11pm from a fellow classmate: "All grades are posted!"

Insert nervous heart palpitations.  Did I think I failed? No. However, I am not one to assume when it comes to my grades.  Especially not after the curveball that was thrown at me two terms ago. A C after 100% on a midterm, final and two essays? How does THAT happen? It did and I didn't have the balls confidence to stand up for myself with the Dean. So that C remains on my transcript, forever. *Damn*

I certainly have kept grad school in mind this last phase of my undergrad career because I know that there is a great possibility that I will want to get into a decent school in a couple of years.  So I suppose that's where the nervousness was coming from. That's also where my pissed off-ness comes for the stupid C that I have!!! The only positive aspect of that is that was an elective and not a core class, whatever!

Anywho, my fingers were flying on my phone's keyboard trying to log into the secure WebAdvisor for my school. Such a pain on a phone, right?  Much to my happiness, I logged in to find two As for this term. Not one, but TWO! That gives me a grand total of twelve As, one B and one C for the last year and a half of my school.  Not too shabby, right? RIGHT!!!!

Insert pure happiness and satisfaction here. Thank GOD! I now can celebrate. And let me tell you, last night? We did. HA! This morning, dry toast and honeycrisp apples have been my BFFs!

By the way, I feel like I'm gloating about this... Please know that I am not.  I am not very great at very many things.  But school, I take pride in.  I am good at it and I love it. Well, we have a love/hate relationship... you know how that goes. HA! But, usually I am pretty hard on myself and don't let myself brag about much.  So, excuse this brag post and please don't think I am acting like I'm hot stuff! HA!

I hope everyone rang in the New Year safely (probably from your pillows, right?)  We have had gorgeous weather in the PNW this week and Brandon and I are about to take a long drive into the country to visit his grandparents that have a farm.  Brandon plans on shooting his new (old it was Grandpa's) shotgun and I plan on enjoying the crisp air and gorgeous view of Mt. Rainier out there. :) Sounds like a fine day, right?  Enjoy your Sunday everyone! I will be back tomorrow with this week's menu and a recap of how our menu this week went!


Chelle said...

BE PROUD OF YOURSELF! GLOAT! Scream it from the rooftops! You worked hard for those grades and you deserve to feel the way you do! I think you deserve a great big ol' ATTA GIRL!!

Amy said...

Chelsi- Congrats on the 2 A's...I mean 12! Awesome. I think you deserve to savor this've worked so hard for it!

Amy said...

Argh! I don't kow if you got my 1st comment, but I was so happy you got 2 A's this semester and 12 overall! SWEET! Enjoy relaxing, and deserve it!

Jen said...

CONGRATS GIRLFRIEND!!!!!! I am so incredibly proud, and happy for you. Gloat away my have definitely earned it!! If we weren't thousands of miles away, I would take you out to celebrate. So maybe we can just drink wine and Skype instead?

{:miss v:} said...

Great job! I wish I enjoyed school half as much as you. That's awesome!

I would go back and talk to that dean about that C! If he/she takes a look at your other grades they'll have no choice but to see how stupid that grade was! Shame on them!

Glad you had a great celebration and I hope you had fun on the farm!

The Apple Pie Gal said...

Awesome job! Nothing wrong with 'crowing' about something! And got done!!!