Saturday, January 22, 2011

{lululemon quotes} Quote #2

Creativity is maximized when you're living in the moment.

I can totally relate to this quote... As much as I love to plan and be organized, it just isn't my strongest quality sometimes.  Plus, I tend to be way more creative when I get an idea in my head and run with it.  I think it can be tough to plan creativity.  "I am going to make a beautiful flower arrangement on Saturday!" Oh, well that sounds kind of silly, right? I mean, sure you can plan to make it to the Farmers Market to buy the flowers you will need but you most likely won't know the exact placement of each stem before you're in the moment, right? 

My favorite creations have all been adapted from their original version during the process of making them.  One great example are some cookies that I've been trying to make recently.  I've been a terrible baker in the past but have always envied a good sugar cookie!  So, I decided to take the task on and I ended up with these!  Looks pretty decent for a first timer, right?

I plan to make Valentine's Day ones and hope they turn out great!!!  When I started these cookies I just knew I wanted them to taste great. But, I ended up making them look pretty cute, I thought!

Anyway, my point in how this relates to me is that I often reach much more potential than I thought I could if I just let myself be creative.  Instead of holding strong to a template of what you think you're trying to do... let your mind wander!!!

Ok, that's enough words of wisdom for today! Oh, I love myself and my sarcasm!


Jen S. said...

CUTEST cookies ever! Love 'em! ;)

Catie said...

i love being creative! great job- be sure to post pictures of your valentines cookies :)

Chelle said...

Awesome creativity! I won't even let myself attempt things like the cookies so kudos to you! If you need someone to taste the Valentine's cookies, I'm pretty sure I'm available. As for the 5K run in Feb...send me details and I'll think about it. Let that creative girl out! She rocks!!

The Apple Pie Gal said...

Chelsi, my little grasshoper, very good outlook which can and will help soothe you when you least expect it. Who needs more stress any way??

Nice thoughts you've shared :)

Candice said...

Mmmm. I'd eat the heck out of them!

Good job!