Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Woah! Where have YOU been?

Hello? HELLO? You still out there?

I'm scared to even look at the date of my last post. It's been a busy few weeks.

Sadly, my beloved laptop came down with a virus. I thought about smearing my most recent antibiotic cream all over it, but then thought better of it.  Instead, a friend of ours took it to fix in his spare time. Well, that ended up being longer than I expected but that's okay because well... it was free. ;o)  So, then on Friday I joyously got my computer back to only realize that it still doesn't work. Virus free? Yes. Working? No.  So, after a few phone calls and trouble shooting with my brother, AKA computer man, he let me know that I need to reinstall my OS. Great. Of course, that means that I need to transfer all of my now uninfected files to my little hard drive jobber and most importantly... FIND MY WINDOWS 7 DISK!!! Shoot. Where did I put that thing anyway?

I had tons of good posts for February too. After all, it's one of my favorite months.  I think it kind of goes with that whole "root for the underdog" mentality that I have.  Everyone hates January-March! It's not their fault that most of the weather sucks! These months need love too!!! Ha!  I decided that once I get back into working order, I'm still going to post about my February stuff... Valentine's Crafts & Cookies, our Non-Valentine's Day, Valentine's Day Dash with my MIL & BFFs, a night out in Seattle with my BFFs, the craziness that is buying another house and last but not least... my birthday!!!! YEAH! I totally got spoiled this year all around! :o)

Oh wait, I forgot to mention.  Not only have I been computer-less but I also have been phone-less!!! Oh! The horror!  While I could have walked into Verizon and used my lovely upgrade to get a fancy Droid 2 or iphone 4 (orwhateverthehellthatdamnedapplethingis) I am getting old (25 now!) and am set in my ways.  The conversation went a little like this:

Verizon Guy:  "Hi there, what can I do for you?"
Chelsi: "Well, my screen is not working... I know the phone is on because it is overheating and the notification light still blinks... you know, telling me that I have texts/emails/missed calls THAT I CANNOT SEE!!!!"
Verizon Guy: "Oh, alright. Let me see what's going on here... Yep, looks like it is charging and powering on but no action on the screen."
Chelsi: trying very hard not to be sarcastic "Yep, I noticed that."
Verizon Guy "Well, let me look up your account so we can see what is going on.....  Ok, looks like you have an upgrade! There are some great new phones out right now that you can get for $xxxx"
Chelsi:  "Yeah, I'm sorry but I really would prefer to just have a new one of MY phones, I'm not ready to upgrade yet"
Verizon Guy:  "Ok, well do you even want to go look at the new options?"
Chelsi: "Nope, I'm good!"
Verizon Guy: "Ok, we will set you right up then! FedEx should have this to you by Monday afternoon!"

See? Case in point... I'm getting old. I just want my phone that I know and love. I'm resisting change... ugh. And for the record, it was not delivered by Monday afternoon. But since this all happened on Sunday afternoon I'm giving them some slack... HA!

So, while I have been missing, I have been thinking about people! Nickolai is done with his cheerios now and is not.so.patiently waiting for his mango chunks!!! :o) Talk to you peeps soon! As soon as I find that Windows 7 disk... dangit!


Jen said...

Man-o-man...I would be LOST without my computer and phone! They are my only life lines these days. Ha! Glad you are almost up and running! P.S....i hear Verizon has iPhones now. Just saying. We could play Words with Friends like every single night. Hahaha! Miss ya girl! When you find that Windows disk let me know so we can Skype. Addie has been patiently waiting :-)

Jen S. said...

Yikes...no compouter and phone problems....that sounds like a crisis in my book! But you sure handled it well :)
That conversation with the phone guy sounds exactly like something that would happent to me!
Well, glad you got your computer back and running! I hope the phone situation is all back to good very soon!

Jenny DB said...

EEEeks no computer AND no phone? THat's TERRIBLE!!!!! well I'm glad your back, and in case you missed it thought i'd let you know i'm hosting my very {first} giveaway!!!! come check it out www.so-say-i.blogspot.com

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

Computer AND phone .... me on my!!!