Monday, February 21, 2011

Mobile Posting?!

I am SO curious to see how this turns out! My phone finally came on Friday, whew!  Since then, my mom, Brandon, cousins and BFF Shandy as well as some other friends that have Droids have been addicted to Words With Friends! Yep, not just an iphone app now! Whoooptie!!! ;) In addition to making two large pans of lasagne, reprogramming my phone, getting addicted to that darned game and helping my mom's BFF (also a Realtor) with some marketing materials we also managed to submit a THIRD offer before 5 on Friday when we had to be at work. Phew!

I'm actually excited about this house! It has the most 'land' thus far and is in a great school district and neighborhood! It has been a complicated process as it is banked owned and buyers must be qualified through their bank first before submitting an offer although we were ALREADY prequal'ed with our lender. Ugh! But, that means that anyone else has to do the same thing which could delay the process of their offer being submitted which may mean our offer will be seen first and accepted! Haha! Sounds kind of childish... but hey! Do what you have to! ;)

Our weekend then was full of work as MIL/FIL were out of town for their anniversary (29 yrs!) and just like reliable restaurant employees do (snicker...) we had some bad apples this weekend! Argh! Brandon slept a total of 7hrs since Friday AM. :(

On a positive note? Our weather has been *gorg*! Cold? Yes! But to me that means fresh snow on all of our mountains to be seen with the beautiful blue skies! Yes! :)

I am sadly still without a computer. I know, just a tragedy.  What's worse is that tomorrow is President's Day and I won't be at my SIL's watching Nickolai so I can't bum her computer! Lame! I need to buy my BFF Kristine's bday present... I want to get her something fun & funky from Etsy. She's the epitome of fun & funky.

Alright folks, I will leave you with this... I hope the pics work... I am the biggest klutz and almost peed my pants laughing. No worries, 90% of them made it out alive! :)


Jen S. said...

Looks like your post and picture came through just fine!
I want one of those new fancy phones too. My contract isn't up right now, but when it is, I'm getting a new cool phone!
The M&M's mess is insane! That's totally something I would do. I did something similar not too long ago with a gigantic bag of frozen blueberries. It was SUCH A MESS!
Happy Monday!

Jen said...

HILARIOUS!!! Pretty sure I've one something similar MANY times. Maybe even when you were here visiting? Ha!

Shandy said...

Such a sad day in M&M land. Next time they want to commit suicide just tell them to hop on in to my mouth, Ill gladly help them with that problem.

Seizing My Day said...

hysterical!! bummer... but really funny!! ;) hey thanks for stopping by today... I am visiting folks the lazy way these days... through my inbox!! ha ha!! so I always come by if folks are commenting!! ha ha!!