Saturday, September 4, 2010

Who Ya Rootin' For?

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I was raised a Husky. Brandon has just literally always rooted for the Dawgs since he was a tot.  I suppose a lot of it has to do with coming from generations of Western Washingtonians.  Typically the Eastern side of the state roots for our rival, Washington State University. With the exception of ONE cousin on my mom's side who went to our rival school, my family are all Dawg fans.  The University of Washington is all Brandon and I know.  Neither of us have attended UW, yet. I will attend there in a few years if I actually decide to become a teacher. 

Hubbs is pretty hardcore.  For his birthday last month, I got him a set of highly sought after tickets and so did his parents.  He's so excited to enjoy a couple of games from Husky Stadium because last year we worked too much on Saturdays and he didn't get to go at all! 

In true Seattle style, the stadium is right by the shores of Lake Washington! Beautiful!

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While I like sports and I like football... I certainly don't get all worked up about it.  I do understand Brandon's viewpoint that college is so much more exciting to him than the NFL.  I enjoy that the game isn't about million dollar contracts and brand new stadiums and is more about the game and the kids playing. But to let the outcome of a football game ruin my day... or even my week? Not going to happen! ;)

Brandon says he's nervous for the game today.  We'll see how it turns out!  As for us and our home? We will serve the DAWGS! Purple & Gold baby!

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Who are YOU Rootin' for and why?


Jen S. said...

Hi there!

I am not actually rooting for any funny is that?! I've never been into really any sports. But I sure know a lot of people right now who are rooting for their team(s)!!

That's so cool you got your husband tickets. I'm sure he's super excited about that. Bet he'll have a blast!!

Thanks for your nice comments on my blog :) You are very kind!

Have a great weekend!

Chelle said...

Uh-oh...I am feeling a strain on our friendship...I'M A COUG! Think we can work through our differences!? I do love college football!

The Apple Pie Gal said...

My idea of sports...batting at flys. Does that count? :)

Chelsi said...
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Chelsi said...

Jen, I understand not rooting for anyone... Unles you have a tie to a team for whatever reason it's good to be neutral! In cases like that (when watching a game that doesn't have a team I love) I always root for the underdog!!!

Chelle, I will still like you, okay? You still like me? I don't think either one of us did very well today. :( Oh, but the Dawgs did only get beat by six today... what was that Coug score again??? ;)

TAPG, Um... that's my kinda sport! HA!