Saturday, September 11, 2010

History Was Made

Fellow blogger, Jen, had posted on Facebook about how she asks her students to write about their memories of 9/11 every year (she's a college English Prof.) Of course, I think about 9/11 every year on the anniversary (and throughout the year as well) but for the life of me I cannot remember my actual experience that day.  Usually I have an impeccable memory.

I can remember that I was sitting at my vanity in my bedroom doing my hair and makeup for school.  I was listening to the local radio morning show that I still listen to today!  My older friend who drove me to school before I had my license had walked into the room and we briefly discussed what was happening with my mom before we rushed out the door for school.  While we were at school the teachers had the news on in all of our classrooms, even after our principal ordered that the tvs be turned off.  I can assume that most of us high schoolers didn't understand the seriousness of what was taking place.  History was being made, right then.... right there.  Brandon remembers our school playing the news in every classroom and he remembers our school counselors being available for those kids that had relatives or friends that they couldn't contact.  I would like to assume that parents came and got students that were in that situation, but I just don't remember.

Over all, I feel very guilty about 9/11.  I feel guilty because I was not directly affected by anyone that I loved losing their life or having their lives dramatically altered by the attacks.  Of course, like all Americans, my life was indirectly affected.  I also feel guilty because while my family has military ties from Nam and previous wars, we don't have anyone who is serving right now.  Brandon and I do have some friends who are serving and we recently welcomed him home from Iraq for the last time, hopefully. We also don't have any family/friends who are firefighters or police officers. Geeze!

Anyway, this whole post is jumbled and doesn't make a ton of sense... but I'm just reflecting so please forgive me.

I want to give my biggest, most sincere thanks to all of our service men and women who fight for our lives while risking their own  Without you and the sacrifices that your family has to make -- I don't even want to think of what our country would be without you!  Thank you!!!!!!
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The Apple Pie Gal said...

Well, some things are just brain overload. You may not have realized it then, but sometimes that is how people just 'deal'. And that is ok. What matters is your heartfelt gratittude, which you do have!