Thursday, March 10, 2011

Denim Dilemma

Isn't it funny how a pair of jeans can change your life in an instant?  You know, like that time in middle school when I slipped and ripped the crotch out? That was embarrassing. What about those killer Mudd flare jeans that were popular when I was in middle/early high school. What.the.heck.!? Shandy and I would totally borrow each other's jeans... And don't even ask about the FUBU overall situation. I mean, woah! Or, what about the "I'll be able to wear these again someday" jeans that are sitting in your closet? Oh sure, that'll happen. But, if it did happen, it would rock your world... RIGHT!?  Jeans rule our lives as women a bit too much, if you ask me.  I suppose that is why I would choose a pair of beautiful black yoga sweatpants over jeans any day. Yep, I'm totally that person. But that's a whole 'nother post!

When I was thinner (ha! I've never been THIN) jeans were a lot more comfortable.  However, I've always had a hard time finding jeans to fit properly.  It seems that in most cases, thin or THICK, women have a really hard time with jeans.  My question is... who the HECK are they making them for then!!!???  It took me a long time to finally find pair/brand of jeans that I love.  I went through the GAP Long & Lean stage, whatever made me think that anything with that name would work for me? I am certainly not either long or lean. Then, there was the random DKNY jeans I'd find on sale at Macy's and even a few pairs from Kohls. and then of course the ever cheap Old Navy jeans that I kept on hand. But then, I broke down and went to Nordstrom. My beer budget certainly wasn't going to far there... ;o)

My love affair started back in the fall of 2009. I found a pair of Michael Kors jeans that were But at the tune of $89 I couldn't just run out and buy three pairs. Sorry peeps, I'm definitely not the type to spend HUNDREDS of dollars on several pairs of jeans, it just doesn't work that way in my household.  So, I settled with one good pair that I took excellent care of.  Made sure to wash them inside out with little detergent and hang them to dry. But, because I could only afford one pair at the time, when I wore them with flats (I'm also not the girl that can effectively wear heels most of the time) they began to get worn on the bottoms.  Then, I noticed that the beautiful dark wash was starting to fade and... NO!!!! The crotch was getting thin.  That's what happens folks, when you only wear one pair of jeans several times a week.  So, what was a girl to do? Hide the evidence from her hubby? That will certainly be a great "discussion" once he notices. Why does my husband have to be so in tune to my clothes?! Well, I broke down and decided that I was DONE with Old Navy denim with the only exception being for work (because really, my job is messy) and I was hell bent on buying at least two more pairs. Screw a budget! Surely Brandon would have to understand my predicament.

Sure enough, my next trip to Nordy's was unsuccessful when I was informed by my lovely ladies (holla Nordy's salespeeps!) that they discontinued the style.  OF COURSE THEY DID! Just my luck! So, the search was on. Thankfully, the girls in the section that I frequent and Nordstrom are awesome and they hooked me up with these beauties:

So, now my absolute favorite brand that DOES NOT break the bank is KUT for the Kloth jeans. They're awesome. Stretch where they need it, dark wash, long for heels or the ladies that are blessed to be over 5'7", they come in a variety of styles & sizes and... the best part is the price! Just check these out they're on sale RIGHT NOW! I'm about to go buy a pair to add to my collection so I can have them hemmed for flats. I've always dreamed of having enough jeans to do that... sigh. Sounds pathetic, I know.

Unfortunately, my problems with jeans haven't completely ended.  While I LOVE these jeans all three of the pairs that I own have zipper issues.  Just ask Jen, when I visited in November I came running out of "my room" frantically asking her if she could help me zip them! The zippers are super sticky/nearly impossible to get up! And, I promise it isn't because they're too small! ;o) Well, now it has turned into a full on non-functional zipper problem in ALL three pairs. I have been wearing long camisoles under whatever shirt I'm wearing to cover the zipper! HA!  Luckily, since they're purchased from Nordy's, I have already had one pair replaced for free but I need to take the other two in and the closest store is a bit of a drive for me so I just haven't gotten to it. I think I will just have their tailor put new zippers in them... but maybe I'll just take new pairs! I have read the reviews on the Nordstrom site and didn't see any that mentioned zipper issues so maybe I was just supremely unlucky... totally probable. :o)

So, for now, my denim dilemma is mostly solved.  I am the type of shopper that would rather have a few decent/quality items in my closet than a plethora of random crap that I bought at discount stores and "thought" I would use.  I prefer my local TJMaxx and Marshalls for things to decorate the home, the clothing section makes me want to scream! So, while I can't have an entire closet filled with beautiful clothes from Nordy's or anywhere else of the same caliber... I will cherish my few beauties!

Since these jeans have really changed my life by being comfortable and making me feel good... I just thought I'd share! Please tell me I'm not the only one with DENIM DILEMMAS!? What are YOUR favorite jeans? And, do you have any embarassing jean stories? I can't be the ONLY one...


Chelsy said...

You are most certainly NOT the only one with denim dilemmas! I had my favorite pair of "7 for all mankind" jeans that I bought about 6 years FAVORITE pair, but then about 6 months ago, both knees went out on me. Mind you, I had worn these jeans almost every day for the better part of 5 years. I only owned one pair. I got my use out of them. But when I went to buy them at Nordy's (glad someone else calls it that too), the style had been discontinued (hate how they do that!). And then the hunt was on. I finally found a pair of Paige that I like, but not as much as my previous pair of 7's. But they are definitely better than the Old Navy denim and they fit pretty nicely. Finding a new pair of jeans is at least an all day event for me and I usually justify the investment because of how often I wear them...but I only buy one. I would LOVE to get two pairs for different heel heights, but that's just not going to happen for us anytime soon. :) Hope you are well!

Jen S. said...

I can TOTALLY understand the jeans dilemma!

I used to HATE wearing jeans, and would ALWAYS choose sweats over jeans anyday. However, through the years that has changed. Although I do still love sweats!

Anyhoo, I'm SO PICKY about how my jeans fit, and it's SO HARD to find just the right pair. It drives me nuts!

For me, if the legs fit, then they're usually too tight in the stomach. And I like them to be not too tight, but not super loose either. But super tight jeans on me drives me NUTS! Also, I love jeans that have just a little bit of stretch too them...not a lot. Just a teeny, tiny bit.

Last year at Kohl's I found a pair of jeans that fit SO GOOD! I think I did a happy dance in the dressing room! I loved those jeans so darn much that when I came home from buying the first pair, I got on-line and ordered 2 more pairs!! So I own three pairs of the same jeans!

The problem is that I gained a few pounds in the past few months and now they're tight. So I'm not doing that happy jeans dance anymore, go figure! Ha ha ha!

Enough of my babbling!

Have a great weekend Chelsi :)

Shandy said...

I LOVE my KUT jeans, they make my booty look goooood, thank you Nordys Rack for hookin a sista up! DKNY soho jeans are my go to faves for every day, they come in great washes and whether you're having a fat day or a great booty day they make you feel good.
Whatever happened to those FUBU overalls we used to share? Or the Tommy Hilfiger jeans with the stripe down the side? Wait a sec...heres a throwback, do you remember the rainbow striped jeans? Yeah. I thought so. hahahaha

Anonymous said...

I totally have denim issues...believe it or not, Mossimo jeans are the only ones I’ve found that fit good everywhere. Yay for a beer budget! lol And I just wanted to say...LONG LIVE BLACK YOGA PANTS!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

I am totally with you on finding a pair that you feel comfortable in AND are flattering. Nordstrom is my go to - and I love 7's, Citizens, Joes, but my newest find is Vigoss from BP. Woohoo and cheaper!

Courtney said...

CLEARLY I have jean issues when I am remembering this post and went to your blog to find it because I totally need new jeans. I think I might try the "plus" size because I am not small on bottom. Hope they work just as well. Thanks for the jeans tips!!