Sunday, March 6, 2011

Award Time

Last week I had two bloggy friends give me a little award thingie-ma-jig! Now, I know this little blog isn't all that to hoot & holler about, but I have met some great people and I appreciate this award!!! So much thanks to Jen my now IN REAL LIFE FRIEND *whoohoo* and Chelsy! Who happens to have a nice name if I may say so!!! ;o)
1. Thank and link back to the person who awarded you

2. Share 7 things about yourself

3. Award your own recently discovered great bloggers

4. Contact those bloggers and tell them about the award

Seven Things About Me

1.  I cheered for football and basketball in high school for four years and still have trouble following football games. HA! Of course, I get a bunch of crap for this. I loved cheering in high school... it was a huge part of my life. I love to dance perform and the skirt was cute too!

2.  I refuse to eat veal or lamb. No siree-bob!

3.  Until last fall when I visited Illinois, I had never been east of Arizona.  Now, I need to get my butt to the east coast! I have traveled plenty out of the country, for now, and I would love to visit some great American cities!

4. I am a huge family name person, I think it is a huge display of love and respect. I love having middle names that are family names (my Grandma's) and I plan on naming my kids after someone special.  Having said that, I'm seriously afraid of having a boy because our name options are very limited in that department.  I won't discuss the name situation here because I certainly don't want to be offensive... but I will leave you with this:  one of our options is Edwin. Yep, for serious. I've had people tell me that name isn't too bad... I disagree (sorry!!!) My poor step-dad just didn't end up with the name jackpot. Love ya dearly, Don! But there will be no Donald Edwins in our future. ;o) Now, if we have girls we are all set. Plenty of family names to be used: Jeane, Jeanette, Marie, Nora, Kristine & Elizabeth. No problems there...  So, sadly I have had two Grandpas pass and two dads pass and I'm not too keen on any of their names. :( I suppose I should just shut up now because this is a perfect example of my craziness... right? If a name is all about the meaning then it shouldn't matter, I know.

5.  My absolute most prized possession is a hardback of The Secret Garden that my dad wrote in for me.  I was in 2nd grade and had won student of the month in my school.  The school calls the parents to let them know that their student won (it was a surprise for me) and will be recognized and I was very surprised to see my dad at the assembly because he lived hours away.  The very next year he passed away. I will cherish this book forever!

6.  I am secretly (well, not anymore!) afraid that if I lose anyone else close to me I will lose my marbles, literally. I can't fathom it and just typing this breaks me. I'm afraid I won't make it through losing my mom and God-forbid Brandon... it is definitely my biggest fear.  And while I know that is common for everyone, it seems all too realistic to me.  I know first hand how quickly it can happen.

7.  Brandon and I have recently been searching for a home church.  We have been missing from the church scene for too long and we decided it needs to become the foundation in our life and marriage.  This poses a problem for me in several ways... Our lifestyle doesn't always coincide with what I "think" it "should" in the eyes of the church.  Also, not very many of my friends are Christian so it makes it difficult for me to talk about this important issue with people because they just don't understand.  We think we have found one and have been going for a couple of months now and it feels so GOOD to be there.

Ok, well that was fun. Hopefully not an overshare? Ha! Here are a few bloggers that I read regularly and think you should check out!!!

1.  Jen @ Jen's Place
2.  Shandy @ Cupcakes Anyone? She is my IRL BFF from WAAAY back! Check her out, she's kind of hilarious. Oh, and nuerotic... like me! ;o)

Thanks for stopping by.... have a great week!


Amy said...

Chelsi- Thanks for the award! It really made my day! I hope life slows down a bit for you, it seems like you have been super busy!

Jen S. said...

Hi Chelsi~
Thanks so much for the awesome award...WOOHOOO! Can't wait to do the same on my blog!
Hope your week is off to a great start sweet friend :)

Shandy said...

HA!! Hahaha! You dont eat veal or lamb!? Yesss!!! Im not the only crazy eater out there. You my friend cannot make fun of me for being picky anymore. :)

Jen S. said...

Hi Chelsi!
Thanks for mentioning me on your sweet!

Loved your answers! And I've never tried veal or lamb and don't plan to either...bleh!

Hope you're having a great week!