Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Summer TV Favorites

I always feel a sense of emptiness when my favorite primetime shows have their season finales.  That is kind of sad, right? I mean, I feel like TV should not have THAT big of a part of my life. Oh well, I'll have kids someday and then I'll have WAY less time for TV, right? ;0)

Kate Plus Eight
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Yep, I'm one of those women. I totally still watch Kate! Those kids crack me up! This past episode was all about their new chickens.  Cara and Maddy argued over who got to carry the lone egg back to the house and Collin proved himself to be Mr. Macho Man by doing a bunch of the heavy lifting himself! :) 

Real Housewives New Jersey
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Jacqueline has always been my favorite out of this cast with Caroline coming in as my 2nd favorite.  I just love how laid back Jacqueline is and she seems very normal.  Well, as normal as those rich people can be! ha! I watch these reality shows to get a peak into these people's normalcy, not for the drama.  Except, I think that drama is Teresa and Danielle's normal.  So, last nights episode was in one word *crazy*.  Woah! I must say, I will be very disappointed if they keep Danielle on the cast.  Her and Kelly Bensimone need to go to a mental hospital. Geeze!

Bethenny's Getting Married!
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Bethenny was my favorite housewife from the start of RHWNY so I was thrilled when they started a spin off for her.  I happen to think she's hilarious... I know she can be bitchy but hey, we all can be a little snarky right?  I was really proud of her for sticking to her grounds with Jill because while I liked Jill for the first season this season she seemed very two faced and only concerned with how she "looked" in the eyes of her oh-so-precious NY Socialites.  And her BFF LuAnn makes me gag. *Eck*! 
I got off track... So this episode "So Hoppy Together" was so great! I can't help it, I just feel really happy for both of them! I love Jason's family... his mom cracks me up.  She kept talking about how her Xanex helped her nerves! HA! Bethenny is definitely a crack up and her peeing in the garbage can was a great moment.  It shows me that she doesn't take herself too seriously and I think that's important for famous people.  Out of all of my crappy TV, this is the only show that Brandon will watch with me! He thinks she's funny too.  Cookie cracks me up too! I love that her wedding planner kept calling Cookie Kujo (however you spell that!)

So, those are my favorite shows during the summer.  Thankfully I have DVR so I just keep them stacked up for a while and then sit down and watch them all at once.  I have a really weird schedule so I usually only have time to watch over an hour of TV once or twice a week.  I suppose that's a good thing!! :0)

What are your favorite shows? Or, are you a better person than me and you don't watch crappy summer TV?! Haha!


Candice said...

I know exactly how you feel. This is coming straight from a bonafied reality TV prostitution Hoo-ah.

Courtney said...

Oh, no. I am the queen of crappy reality shows! I still watch the Real World, both of the Kardashians shows, the Real Housewives (NJ and OC only) and Tori and Dean. Embarrassing, but true!

Chelle said...

Oh, how I love Reality TV!! Give me an hour to myself and I'll find SOMETHING to watch! Gotta love dish network!

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