Tuesday, July 6, 2010

See What The Apple Pie Gal Says...

Jen's sister-in-law started a blog last month... TAPG has made some cameos in pictures that Jen has posted before... but now she has THE REAL DEAL! She has like a billion posts already too! Sheeesh! Way to show off, TAPG! She's funny and talks about Ballz sometimes.  Hey, it's good to talk about Apple Pie AND Ballz.  They're both really important things in this life!

All joking aside, she has some great input into all things green and do-it-yourself gardening/cooking.  So, she's giving away some Environne veggie & fruit wash! I have never heard of this stuff... I keep forgetting to remember to look for it at the store.  Forgetting to remember is such an odd phrase... Anyway, go over to The Apple Pie Gal's blog and enter to win! I don't even want to know what yucky chemicals we all consume on our fruits & veggies! Yucka!


The Apple Pie Gal said...

Way to rock it Chelsi! And don't feel bad, I forget to remember things ALL the time!
p.s. been missing your posts! I have a special post coming just for you soon enough to btw!

Chelsi said...

Oh, a special post!? How exciting.