Saturday, June 12, 2010

I think I forgot to mention...

Yes, it's true. I am a follower of the one and only, P-Dub.  She cracks me up every time I take the time to browse her posts.  I fell in love with her step by step instructions that are included with her recipes long ago.  Then, she introduced Tasty Kitchen, which is similar to All Recipes and the like.  However, I just have a thing about supporting an every day mom type of gal that has put so much time and effort into something like this!

Anyway, she released a cookbook sometime last fall and I remember being very disappointed when I realized there were no book signings close to me.  Thankfully, after the holidays she finally came to the PNW!!! Then, my heart sank when I realized she would be in Seattle on a Saturday night. *gulp*  I work each and every Saturday night and there is no way that my husband  my boss would be down for the idea of me having to cover a shift to meet P-Dub.  He'd say... P-Who? In fact, he did say that.  I had to remind him kindly that she is the famous blogger that writes about her ranch, cows and her basset hound! Then, he remembered.  He has a soft spot for farm animals.  Well, it must have been my lucky week because she was coming to a suburb of Portland that same week on a MONDAY which happened to be my full day off that week.  Whoooo Hooo!  So, I coerced  asked my mom to join me on my two hour trek south and she obliged.  But, she had the same reaction that my husband did:  P-Who?

We arrived at the Powell's bookstore in Beaverton, OR a whole three hours early as I had read blog posts from the signing in Seattle saying that the lines were outrageous.  Lucky for me, we ended up being the 19th & 20th people in line! My mom patiently waited with me, running for Starbucks and also reading her new cookbook that I bought as a thanks for coming with me. :)  There ended up being a LOT of people that turned out to see her so I was so glad we showed up early.

I have a couple of pictures to share... but unfortunately my camera died RIGHT BEFORE I went up to meet her.  A nice lady a few seats down offered to take my picture and email it to me, but I have yet to receive the email.  :o(  Oh well, I still met Ree, listened to her talk to all of us about her regular ol' life and shook her hand. Oh, AND she signed MY cookbook! Ok, I had her sign three cookbooks.  Whatever, they weren't ALL to me... and who is really counting?

Here are the few photos that I have of the day:

Mom holding my Starbucks... so I could take a picture of her!
From April/May/June 2010

See? Lots of people love P-Dub! We were at the very FRONT of all these people! Yessss!
From April/May/June 2010

She took about 15 minutes to answer a bajillion questions from the audience.  She was so gracious!
From April/May/June 2010

Thanks Mom! I had fun! I'm glad you love P-Dub now too! :o)
From April/May/June 2010

Now, if you haven't heard of her... or read her blog I suggest you do.  It's worth it, I promise. :o)


Jen said...

My SIL Diana LOVES the Pioneer Woman!!! I have been reading her blog every since you suggested it a while back. She is HILARIOUS!!! Its amazing that a mom with so much to do can find the time to do all this too!! Thats so great you got to meet her. I do believe you texted me while you were in line. haha!

katie beth said...

What a fun time!! There were no book signings near me, otherwise I think I would have definitely done my best to make it. But that is a LOT of people.