Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday.... Dates!

This week's Top 2 Tuesday topic is... Dates!
I honestly am having a hard time choosing just two dates... Brandon and I have been together for over seven years and we still have no children... so we've been lucky to have LOTS of dates!!! :)

One of my favorite dates will definitely have to be the night he proposed, December 16th 2007.  I totally knew it was coming, but it ended up being perfect.  We lived in Arizona at the time and it was Christmas season (my favorite!) We had both worked a lunch shift that Sunday but Brandon had told me earlier in the week he wanted to go out for a nice dinner after our shift that day.  So, I knew it was coming.  I even told some of our buddies at work I thought it was happening, but I didn't want to ruin his plans.  So, I tried with all my might to just be quiet! That was TOUGH!  As we pulled into The Phoenician in Scottsdale I sent a quick text message to my BFF Kristine (the one who just got married) and then Brandon yanked the phone from my hand and threw it in the backseat! Oh no! I left her hanging! I sent a text that implied what was happening and then she was left in suspense for the next 2.5 hours!  Anyway, it was such a peaceful dinner because the restaurant was super slow on a Sunday evening but there was a pianist playing Christmas tunes on a beautiful grand piano.  That is SO up my ally! I love piano music and then Christmas music even more! :)  So, we ate a beautiful meal that was VERY expensive (um, we were poor college kids!) and then we paid and walked outside and around the hotel grounds and I made some snarky remark about how we spent $200 on dinner and no proposal?! It was one of those moments where I definitely didn't think before I spoke... ha!  Well, thankfully I didn't piss him off too much and about five minutes later down the path in front a beautiful fountain he got down on one knee and said about a million beautiful things.  It was perfect.  He proposed with a ring that was my moms... he knew I would want to have a part in the ring decision and it meant a lot because I knew he had to of asked my mom for that ring months previous when we were home visiting everyone.  I still don't know how he hid the ring from me! I'm snoopy! Anyway, the night ended with me finally being able to text Kristine and then we called my parents (of course, my mom knew!) and they were so happy for us.  Those are the only three people I contacted.  Then, we drove around looking at Christmas lights throughout the lovely cookie cutter Arizona neighborhoods! :) It was fabulous! He made the night so special just by doing some of my favorite things.

The other favorite date that sticks out in my mind is way back in 2004, the year we graduated high school. That summer we spent our time working and glued together... like normal 18 year old kids... right? Ha! Anyway, one day we decided to head down to a local beach town about two hours away and have a getaway.  We drove down there and rented a hotel room and found some adventure.  We walked the beach for hours and found a quaint little bed & breakfast to have dinner at.  After dinner we took a blanket down to the beach and sat together listening to the waves.  Brandon had bought me a promise ring and he gave it to me while we were down there on the beach... it was very romantic (I suppose!)  I only have one picture of this date and it is of us at dinner but it was a special day and a half! :)  We rented mopeds the next day and proceeded to get stuck on the beach several times! We had a blast!

It is funny to me that my two favorite dates are semi-romantic... because I am SO not a romantic person.  It makes me feel all awkward and uncomfortable and I usually make an ass out of myself some how because I feel weird (like my snarky comment about no proposal yet!) But these two dates just remind me how doing simple stuff together just makes us so happy! We are such dorks that wearing the goofy helmets and getting stuck in the sand on our mopeds was a blast! Haha!  Anyway, if you want to share your favorite dates... go over to Taylor's blog and play along!


Al said...

Aww, your dates are so sweet!! I married a high school sweetheart too - its fun to have such a long history :) Cute blog!

Chelsea said...

Yay I love proposal stories!

Mr. and Mrs. Smith said...

I LOVE Christmas music! That would be perfect!

Jen S. said...

Loved both of your dates :)
What special memories you have from both of those times. Thanks for sharing them with us. Very sweet!

Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma said...

Aww I love it!!!!

Jenny DB said...

aaw i love the image of him confiscating your phone :)