Monday, April 26, 2010

Wedding & Road Trip 2010 Part 1

Long time, no post. The story of my life, it seems! This will be a bit of a picture overload, FYI! It just makes it more interesting that way! :)

We pulled out of our driveway at 10:45pm on a Tuesday night headed for the sunny state, CA. We picked up a friend in Portland and continued on our journey throughout the night. Brandon and I have become a great road trip team... he does most of the driving but I stay awake in order to entertain (annoy) him so he won't fall asleep! We made the 18 hour trip very quickly, so it seemed! We arrived in SoCal at rush hour on Wednesday and we were lucky enough to miss out on the traffic! Whooo hoo!

Thursday was the Bachelorette Party day. I still had some running around to do getting some last minute things for the party. We ended up having a blast! We started out at this swanky little bar in Pasadena that provided an awesome atmosphere for us gals! We played some fun and mildly inappropriate games that kept us all entertained! She was a pretty freakin' hot Bachelorette! She had on some killer leopard heels too! :)
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We took a limo into Hollywood from Pasadena and went to a club called My House. It was pretty awesome too. However, speeennndddyyy! They make you buy bottles at these clubs in order to reserve a table for a bunch of people. So, the ten of us split a $300.00 bottle of 3 Olives Berry Vodka! Sheeeesh! But, the plus to buying a bottle is your own private seating, all the mixers you want and servers to help you out! Our feet got a bit tired after dancing and we needed a place to sit anyway! :) After we all had our fill of dancing the limo took us back to Uriah & Kristine's condo in Pasadena. We found the boys like this... They played Xbox 360 the entire time we were gone! Typical!
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Friday was the rehearsal and then the rehearsal dinner at Old Spaghetti Factory in Fullerton. Nothing too exciting happened this day, just the typical prep for the next day like getting our nails and toes done! :) We also ate out at the Yard House which I miss from when we lived in AZ! Love their food... and the atmosphere is great too!

This is our Saturday "Wedding Day" in pictures...

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MOH and Bridesmaid taking FULL advantage of the Embassy Suite's AWESOME complimentary breakfast!

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The bride and her mom waiting for their pampering...

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Bridesmaids following the esthetician's directions: Wash, rinse, scrub, rinse then moisturize!

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Hair, hair... HAIR!

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A teary exchange as the bride's mom gives her a ring to wear that her late father once gave to her mom... All three of us cried, actually!

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Most importantly... Helping her into her FABULOUS dress. She was stunning.

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We got her in the car without getting the dress dirty! That was amazing, since our car had traveled all the way from WA and was DIIIRRRRTTTYYY!

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She looks cool as a cucumber on our way to the park to take early pics of the bridal party...

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We were a pretty serious bridal party. Pretty.damned.serious. :)

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The bride's uncle made an emergency run to the store for us. On his list? Snacks and BOOZE! :) This was RIGHT before we walked out the door (and right before a bridesmaid tripped and fell on her face... lightening the mood for sure!) and we were both a touch nervous.

That's enough pictures for now, right? I was so dang busy being IN the wedding I don't have any pictures OF the wedding. Plus, we haven't seen the professional pictures yet either... They will be amazing, I'm sure! Betsy Blue Photography is a dream to work with... she does amazing things!

I will write another post soon... but until then, ta ta! :)


Jen said...

It looks like you guys had a BLAST!!!!!!! BUt I don't envy your 18 hour road trip. Bed there, done that, not fun :-) Oh, and in case I haven't already told you, you look STUNNING in your dress too darling :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh wow girl...looks like so much fun! Y'all look so beautiful! Glad you had a safe trip. Hope your having a wonderful Tuesday too! xoxo