Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Timing is everything, right?

I'm leaving for the weekend.  Well, that's what I told my husband over a month ago when I kept asking him (a million times) if he minded if a took a trip... I kind of have  way with words.  I suppose a Wednesday-Monday trip isn't really a "weekend" is it? Hmmm... Oh well! Thankfully, my husband rocks!  I have been lucky enough to have several girls weekends in the past couple of years! Yahoooo!  But, every time I go, I can't help but feel guilty.  I try to talk myself out of the guilt by saying that I better do this now, while I can... before we have kids.  I'm sure that it'll be much easier for him to do fun things when we have little kids than it will be for me.  It just kinda seems to work out that way for moms, I think.  Plus, he is flying to San Francisco for a Seahawk game with his dad and my BIL in December, that'll be fun for him!  See, I'm totally trying to validate my splurge...

Anyway, the reason why I feel so guilty is because our animals are kind of a handful.  I know I've told only half of my stories about Jackson, but you can tell that he's high maintenance.  And, I'll be the first to admit that I have fed into his high maintenance"ness" a bit as well.  We hardly ever leave him at home... partially because I was afraid for a long time of what "creativity" he would demonstrate in our house but also just because I felt bad! Then, over a year ago when we inherited Rainie (have I told that story?) I felt guilty about leaving her out in the kennel because she is sixteen freakin' years old and the cement is hard on her bones! The damned dog won't lay on any blankets or beds out there, either. Stubborn brat.  So, they go with is 80% of the time.  I have gotten better, that number used to be 95%!  Most of the time, when I'm with the kids during the day, the dogs can come with me no problem! Elaina LOOOVES Jack!  He doesn't really LOOOOVE her, but he tolerates her and is calm and patient with her, none-the-less!  The other times when we are at work or school, I leave them in the car.  I fold down the back seat of our SUV, make sure they have food/water and check on them every two hours! I mean, c'mon... that's got to be better than freezing their fur off in the kennel, right?!  People always roll their eyes or think I'm crazy about leaving them in the car... Whatev.  They're spoiled, I get it.
**Please note that I am very mindful of the heat in the summer! They are never left in a HOT or WARM car and they always have ventilation no matter what time of year it is!!!**

So, that brings me to why I feel guilty about leaving Brandon with them... he is going to have to leave them in their kennel quite a bit because he works at the family biz way more than I do and doesn't have the flexibility of letting them out every two hours, like I do.  Also, Rainie has potty problems. Yikes!  I think it's partly from her being sixteen (I mean, really!) and partly her just being stubborn.  But, she gets extra stubborn when I leave.  She also wakes up to go potty at least twice during the night, which Brandon rarely gets up to do. He claims he doesn't hear her? Hmmm! So, I know he'll have messes to clean up and I will get angry texts about my dog!!! Dangit!

To top it all off and to refer to my title... TIMING IS EVERYTHING!  Libby, our delightfully healthy cat was acting odd last week.  It seems like she was having a potty problem too! Yikes! She NEVER has had accidents and is always very routine in her daily activities.  So, I could tell something was wrong with her.  After a urinalysis we found out that she had/has an inflamed bladder, UTI and urine crystals!!! Oh my! Poor baby... she was hurtin'! So, she is on a course of anti-biotics to get twice a day as well as a special wet food diet that she needs to get another medicine with twice a day! Holy Cats!

So, the control freak in me will be calling/texting Brandon every day making sure that everything is in order... and the empathetic part of me will be feeling bad that I put all of this on him.  Ugh!!!

But, the good news?!  I am going to CHICAGO!!! Yesssireeebob! I am SO excited to make a trip to the midwest! Not only am I spending much needed quality time with BFF Claire, but I am getting to meet and stay with bloggy BFF Jen!!! I am so excited! :)  I get to hang out with her mom, Jan and her SIL Diana too!  I just know they're going to be a riot!  Oh, did I mention that Jen and I are running the Hot Chocolate 5k downtown Chicago! *insert nervous look!*  I am not able to run it all, but I think I will be ok to walk/jog it and I can't freaking wait! The forecast for that day is clear but cold and it is in Grand Park downtown!

Ok, well I'm glad I got that off of my chest, I really am feeling guilty! HA! I probably won't blog for a bit... Afterall, I will be gone for the "weekend."  But, I will be sure to post about everything when I get back!!! Yahooo!


{:miss v:} said...

Oh my gosh! You and Jen are going to have so much fun! I LOVE Jen! Tell her I said hello and give her a giant hug for me!

So sorry to hear you're feeling guilty. I know what you mean though. I'm actually going out of town for the weekend as well and Ben is staying home with Evan the entire time! I know everything will be okay but you just always worry ya know?

My cat had a similar issue last February. He also had an inflamed bladder and a UTI. He was acting all weird too and started going potty outside his box. I was really sad because I just can't deal with kitty urine in my house! Thank goodness we were able to treat him and get him all better!

Have fun in Chicago and good luck with the run! Yay for girlie time!

Jen said...

WOOHOO!!!! Can't wait to see ya tomorrow!!!!

Jenny DB said...

OH MY GOSH have soooo much fun in Chicago. I LOVE that city~

Seizing My Day said...

Chicago... Fun!! I hear ya on the guilt.. it is worse when you leave him home with children... ;) some of us are just prone to guilt! Hope you are havin a blast!!

{david's wife} said...

Seriously....I thought I spoiled our dog. ;) I totally get what you mean though...David and I almost felt like Buddy (our lab) was our baby before THE baby!!! That's so awesome that you got to do a 5k! I am hoping to do one next fall...we'll see if I can get myself back into shape! haha Anyway, hope we can get a time together to meet up soon!